Daria Berenato and Amanda Saccomanno - also known as WWE Superstars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose - are the founders and creators of Damandyz Donutz.

Initially, Damandyz Donutz started off as a YouTube series where the two young entrepreneurs traveled the globe tasting and rating the best glazed donuts. The pair recognizes that athletes, especially women are put under extreme pressure to look a certain way while eating a restrictive diet, and they combat these stereotypes to demonstrate that you can be in excellent shape while also enjoying the pleasures of life.

Shortly after, they opened up Pop-Up shops in New York and LA creating a very intimate fan interaction experience. They now have developed their own global brand and are extremely excited to announce their partnership with Kitchen Data Systems and Lawrence Longo (owner of “off the menu”) launching their very first “ghost” kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.

Their very own Damandyz Donutz will be available on uber eats and postmates, while expanding to multiple other cities around the globe shortly after.

Daria and Amanda not only share a love for food and donuts but are two driven female entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate in creating a lifestyle regimen that improves wellness, inclusivity, increases confidence and ultimately leads to personal fulfillment.

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